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Induction Cooking

"Feed me with food convenient for me."

--Proverbs: 30, 8

Site Overview

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Let us make a simple, flat statement:

Cooking with an induction cooktop or range is simply the best way to cook,
for professionals in a work environment or just for the average household.

As you will soon see, that bold statement can be solidly supported--both by hard facts and the opinions of top professional chefs and of countless serious home chefs.

typical modern induction cooktop

Induction cooking is not some radical new technology: it has long been widely used around the world, both by professionals and homeowners. But in the last few years the technology has improved so much--and the costs have dropped so much--that a new wave of equipment, for both commercial and residential uses, has become available and is so overwhelmingly superior that it bids fair to almost completely capture the field for new installations worldwide in the next few years.

(A usenet cooking-group poster from England noted a while back that her sister there, who had recently got an induction hob (cooktop) installed, had reported "Her kitchen fitters [contractors] sell as many induction hobs as gas, radient/solid ring, and halogen hobs put together."

With induction-cooking equipment being now better than ever while yet more affordable than ever, it is our hope that this site will help spread sound knowledge of induction, this wonderful way to cook.

a little cartoon chef

This site is your internet headquarters for information on induction cooking. Here, we explain just what induction is and how and why it differs drastically from all other cooking methods, examine in honest detail the advantages and the drawbacks to induction, and give you some pointers at the great mass of information available on the topic, and even look at good-quality induction-ready cookware; but, at the heart of this site, is the single most comprehensive product database available of induction-equipment makers worldwide and--especially important--all of their induction-cooking products, with product statistics and even prices. We include both "commercial" and "household" equipment, so this site should be of use to anyone concerned with cooking, professional or amateur.

Further, we have multiple induction-cooking equipment databases--one each for build-in and for countertop units, plus one for commercial equipment; moreover, we have an interactive, searchable database of home-use induction units. With that one, you homeowners can instantly see which units fit your exact wants and needs, and see full details on each of the matching units.

We offer for sale here most of the units, residential and commercial, available in the U.S., and we believe our prices for every unit we offer are as good as you are going to find anywhere, certainly anywhere on the internet. Please at some point take a look at our online induction-cooking equipment store. We want to inform and help you with this site, and letting you buy what you see at the best prices is part of that; but if you choose to buy elsewhere, do still use and enjoy the rest of the site. It was not built as a sales tool: the sales part was added long after its founding.

pots and pans logo We also have a page on good Cookware--not just "good for induction use", but really good--it's worthwhile reading for every cook, whether or not you have or are contemplating getting induction. (And, as with induction equipment, we also offer you the opportunity to purchase top-quality induction-ready cookware at attractive prices.) open cookbook on stand

And, seeing as how cooking is the focus, we have also added to our complete cookbooks bookshop listings an especially select list of Good Cookbooks, as recommended not by us, but by the real experts who review cookbooks; this, too, we think worthwhile reading for anyone interested in cooking. (And these, too, come at excellent pricing.)

For your convenience is using this site, every page on it has a full, color-coded Site Directory at the bottom of the page, with a jump-to link for that Directory right at the top very (right-hand side) of the page. The Directory's color-coding is intended to make it easier for you to see what broad subject areas each linked page falls under, and we hope it's more helpful than confusing.

Meanwhile, for those of you first viewing this site, here is a quick summary of the key topics and pages here. This is not by any means a complete list of every page on this site, but it covers the ones a newcomer here will likely be most interested in.

A Basic Education on Induction: Help on Selecting and Buying: About Cookware: Cookbooks, a select list plus a general cookbook-shop:

Moreover, if--after looking through all the resources here--you still have some unanswered questions relating to induction, please feel free to use the email us link available at the top left of every page of this site; we can't promise we'll answer instantly, but we will answer. (Not necessarily instantly because the "we" of this site is, in fact, one person--I am not a big company or organization, just a devotee of induction.)

And remember, this is a dynamic site, changing by the day, almost by the hour, as we continue to update our listings and explanations. Please check back often to see what's been added!

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(a brief site overview)
 The site's introductory Front Page

(the what, how, and why)
 Induction Cooking--the Basics:
How Induction Works:
 which explains why it is different from all other cooking methods

    The Pros and the Cons:
 an honest appraisal of the advantages and disadvantages

    Kitchen Electricity 101:
 important things you should know about power

    Replacing Existing Ranges
 problems with and solutions for replacing "slide-in" range/oven combination units

    Radiation--a Hazard?
 scientifically sound assessments (and no, it's not a hazard)

    Further Information
 links to other major internet induction-cooking resources

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
 answers--sometimes lengthy--to, yes, frequently asked questions


(who makes what, in detail)
 Induction Equipment--the Makers and Their Products:
Makers and Their Products:
 all the units--commercial and residential--sorted by maker, with maker information

    Residential-Use Products Available in the U.S.:
 all the "residential" units now available in the U.S.A., with comparison tables and full data
    · build-in equipment
    · countertop units

    Commercial-Use Products Available in the U.S.:
 all the commercial/professional units now available in the U.S., with comparison tables and full data

    Induction-Units Database:
 search all the build-in cooktops by size, current draw, and element count

    The Individual Maker Pages:
   Aervoe (Max Burton)
   Berghoff | Bertazzoni | Bosch | Broil King | Buffet Enhancements
   Cecilware | CommercialPro | Cooktek
   Dacor | Dipo | DuxTop
   Elco | Electrolux | Electrolux Professional | Eurodib
   Fagor | Fisher & Paykel | Forbes | Frigidaire | Fulgor Milano
   Gaggenau | Garland | GE | Globe | GoWise |
   IKEA | ILVE | Iwatani
   Kenmore | Kenyon | KitchenAid
   Max Burton | Miele | Montague | Mr. Induction
   New Wave | Regal Ware
   Ramblewood | Regal Ware
   Salton | Samsung | Secura (DuxTop) | Senken | Spring | Summit | Sunpentown
   Tarrison |    Tatung | Thermador | Tomlinson | True
   Update International
   Verona | Viking | Vollrath
   Waring | Whirlpool | Windcrest | Wolf

    Induction-Cooking Accessories:
 handy tools to augment your induction-cooking experience


(how to choose and buy a unit)
 Selecting and Buying--Advice and Offers:
Selecting a Unit:
 how to decide which unit or units are exactly right for you

    Induction-Units Database:
 pick out residential build-in cooktops by size, current draw, and element count

    Induction Products Available:
 all units now available in the U.S.A., with comparison tables and full data
    · residential use:
        - build-in equipment
        - countertop units
    · commercial use

    Buying a Unit:
 generic advice and tips

    Why Buy Here?
 we retail units--here's why we hope you'll buy through us

    Induction-Cooking Units For Sale Here:
 we only sell units for which we can offer the best price--this is our list of offerings

    Induction-Cooking Accessories:
 some handy tools to augment your induction-cooking experience


(the best, induction or not)
 Cookware--the Best to Be Had:
Cookware for Induction Cooking:
 what defines excellent cookware, whether for induction or not

    Cookware for Sale Here:
 as with induction equipment, we will only offer at the best prices

    Lines We Offer:
 these are the best cookware at the best prices
  ·  Lodge Cast Iron and Enamelware
  ·  All-Clad induction-ready Cookware


(find and buy any cookbook)
 Cookbooks--Selected and General:
Selected Cookbooks:
 how and why they were "selected"

    Selected Cookbooks, by Category:
  ·  Selected Basic Cookbooks - good for learning cookery
  ·  Selected General Cookbooks - unspecialized sound cookery
  ·  Selected Specialized Cookbooks - topic-oriented, from fish to vegetarian
  ·  Selected Regional Cookbooks - the cookery of a place, a nation, or the world
  ·  Selected Miscellaneous Cookbooks - cookery techniques that don't quite fit elsewhere

    A Cookbook Library:
 about The Induction Site's cookbooks library and how to explore it

    Books on Cooking (by first letter of title):
  A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | numerals | other

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