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Electrolux Professional Induction Hobs

"Produce! Produce!
Were it but the pitifullest infintesimal fraction
of a product, produce it in God's name!
'Tis the utmost thou hast in thee: out with it, then."

—Thomas Carlyle

General Electrolux Professional Information

Electrolux Professional, a "commercial"-equipment subsidiary of Electrolux, has apparently much reorganized their line of offerings in recent years. As always, however (and like most or all cooking-equipment makers), their web site makes it somewhere from difficult to impossible to identify all their products. It looks as if (but this wants confirming) they market induction equipment under three sub-brands: "Libero", which is countertop plug-in units (3, apparently); their "S90" line of battleship-level commercial gear; and "Elco", with two series, the 700 and the 900. All that remains to be confirmed, but it looks like 20 items all told. (There is also one item in a "EM" line that a search for "induction" does not turn up at once.)

Electrolux Professional Induction-Unit Data

As always in these listings, we give these standard general—

Important notes on these data:

  1. We have spent a lot of time hunting these data--often in several places for each individual unit--but we cannot and do not guarantee any datum to be correct (indeed, we often found conflicting data at different sources). Caveat emptor!

  2. For those units we offer for sale, the prices shown are never over a day old. For other items, the prices shown are the lowest we found with moderate but not fanatic searching; moreover, they are not updated very often and are only intended as a rough guide to comparative unit values in cost/power terms.

  3. Most "Features" are not terribly important, and are nearly standard among roughly similar units, regardless of brand name. If some "feature"--shown or omitted--is especially important to you, check on it, because we did not take great pains over the "Features" data.

  4. Dimensions given here are, as the makers themselves warn, only to be used as guidelines in planning--never do anything till you have your actual unit to hand.

  5. Our criterion for including units here--as opposed to in the "residential use" section-- is the maker's labelling of the product on its web site or in its advertising; but be aware that makers use a lot of what lawyers call "commercial puffery", and the acid test is the exact wording of the warranty. If any unit's warranty excludes service in commercial settings, well, that speaks for itself. Regrettably, warranty forms are rarely available for inspection on-line for commercial units, so yet again: Caveat emptor!

Because we are still gathering data on these units, below we simply link you to a document on their S-90 line, which includes induction equipment as well as a lot of other things. It's a PDF document, so just open it and search for "induction".

Electrolux Professional "EM" Induction-Unit Data

We found one Electrolux Professional EM model:

Electrolux Professional 169107 (AIZ16): 2-Zone Electric Induction Top 16 Inches

Electrolux Professional "Libero" Induction-Unit Data

We found three Electrolux Professional Libero models:


Electrolux Professional "Elco" Induction-Unit Data

We found eight Electrolux Professional Elco models:

700 series models—


900 series models—




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