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"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it."
—Dr. Samuel Johnson

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About These Links

There is a separate list of links to actual manufacturers' sites on another page of this site. The list of links here is just a few odds and ends that we feel may augment what's already here on this site.

When we started this site, some years back, we had a rather long list of links--it was our intention then (and we achieved it or came close) to list every induction-cooking related link there was, exclusive of retailers' merchandising pages. Today, that is neither reasonably possible nor especially desirable. First, the mass of on-line material about induction has grown considerably, now that its second dawn is here; meanwhile, this site has so expanded that it contains on it practically everything one needs to know about induction cooking and the equipment for it (and it will continue to expand with time).

We have thus revised this page to try to keep to just a few links that are either a particularly clever or clear expansion on things already on this site, or that represent interesting bits and pieces of news suggesting something of current and projected future trends in induction cooking, or places that are themselves substantial repositories of community-supplied first-person questions and answers (forums, that is), or that are representative of whole classes of article about induction cooking.

Here are some links that help illustrate (literally) or better or more fully explain what induction is or how it works:

Other General Induction Sites

There used to be several, but it appears that there is now only one other: Induction Select: "What I would like to let you know is that I’m not an expert on this subject. Well, I am in terms of information, but I’m not someone who works in the induction technology industry. I’m just an average family woman who loves to cook." But Rosa has done a nice job with this site.

Not an induction site per se, Appliance Advisor—the self-described "electronic fish wrap for the appliance industry"— is nonetheless of immense (and amusing) value to those concerned with the "white goods" trade.

Articles and Features

Here are some induction-cooking-related articles, forum threads, and miscellaneous web pages of general induction interest; some are getting a little dated, but all remain useful reading.

Induction-Related Video

There are now quite a few video clips materially related to induction cooking and equipment. Even those from sources with a visible ax to grind (unit makers, that is) can be interesting viewing. Here's a link to a YouTube search for induction-related videos.

And here is a video from Consumer Reports on induction cooking and equipment.

Induction-Related Forums

Last but MOST assuredly not least, here are links to some places where there is often discussion of induction cooking and induction-cooking equipment:



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