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Thermador CIT304KBB

"It's no fish ye're buying."
—Robert Falcon Scott

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About the Thermador CIT304KBB Induction build-in cooktop

General Description

The Thermador CIT304KBB is a four-element, 30-inch-wide induction cooktop in black, but trimless for use in flush-mount installations (it has two siblings: the CIT304KB/, which is finished in the standard black with stainless-steel trim; and the CIT304KM, which has a "silvered-metal" surface.


Thermador CIT304KBB
Thermador CIT304KBB
(maker's product page)
similar model: CIT304KB
similar model: CIT304KM
  • Elements: 4
  • Boosted: 4
  • Powers:
    · 2.2 kW (boost to 3.3 kW) - left front, 9"
    · 1.4 kW (boost to 1.8 kW) - left back, 6"
    · 2.4 kW (boost to 3.6 kW) - center, 11"
    · 1.4 kW (boost to 1.8 kW) - right, 6"
  • Max Power: 7.4 kW
  • Levels: 17
  • Controls: touchpad
  • Timer/s: 5 (4 true shutoff timers + "alarm clock" timer)
  • Induction Elements Made By: Bosch Siemens
  • Features:
    · keep-warm function
    · pot recognition
    · anti-overflow switchoff
    · 2-level residual-heat indicators
    · childproof lockout
    · "Blue Light" controls illumination
  • Size: 31" wide x 21-1/4" deep; requires 4-1/4" clearance below surface
  • Color: black
  • Trim: trimless for frameless installation
  • Voltage: 240
  • Load: 40 Amperes
  • Maker's Warranty:
    ] · limited, entire appliance, parts and labor: 2 years
    · glass ceramic surface &electronic elements and switches, parts only: 3rd to 5th years
  • Online documents:
    · Design Guide (PDF file)
    · Use Instructions (PDF file)
    · Installation Instructions (PDF file)
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