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Bosch NIT8668SUC

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—Robert Falcon Scott

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About the Bosch NIT8668SUC Induction build-in cooktop

General Description

This is a five-element, 36-inch-wide induction cooktop. It requires only a 40-amp circuit, so may be used in older kitchens with under-powered wiring. Even so, this unit, unlike many other 5-element units, has a decidedly large main element, 11 inches in diameter, with plenty of cooking power. This unit has stainless-steel trim at its front and back edges, to match up with kitchens having stainless-steel in sinks and other appliances. It also features Bosch's exclusive AutoChef® feature, which maintains steady, exact temperatures when frying foods.

(This unit has a sister model, the NIT8668UC, which is the same unit but with no trim for a sleek look, and is also closely related to several other Bosch units (check the "similar models" list below).


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Bosch NIT8668SUC
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similar models: NIT8668UC & NIT5068UC & NIT5668UC & NIT8068UC & NIT8068SUC